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Contrary to what many folk might actually think, going to the spa is not a modern day convenience but a culture that has been with mankind from the days of the ancient societies. If you think that is a fallacy of sorts jog you mind to readings of the history of ancient Rome – modern bathhouses were their equivalent of spas  and  these bathhouses had rules of procedure that though seemed harsh set the standard for modern day spas. Whether you are a resident, or just a sojourner in the Leamington area then the following ground rules apply to you when you seek the services of a Leamington spa escorts.

Foremost maintain very high standards of hygiene. Uncut toe nails, unshaven jowls, hairy armpits might be sexy or even cute to you but remember that the folk who are going to work on your body might not necessarily share in you fetish.

Secondly when   you are about to attend a secession at the spa remember that unless explicitly stated this is not an opportunity to rendezvous on matters that are sexual in nature. Remember the many big names that have fallen on account of thinking that they had a carte blanche with regard to what they could do to with their leamington spa escorts -remember if matters sexual are not stated in the contract do not go there.

Thirdly Leamington is basically a cosmopolitan community although its constitution might confuse you. With this in mind keep in mind that the liberal bent of a cosmopolitan society also runs in this town and to this end you will have situations where you could be tended to by even gay escorts. The rules of engagement assume that you will know what you are getting into and a professional agency is expected to essentially give you the leeway on deciding the sort of leamington spa escorts that you are supposed to move with. Its important to make the choice, you do not wan t a situation where a male individual is attending to you whilst you (also male) are disturbed and constantly looking overt your shoulder a fears of you being buggered keep running through you mind.

Fourthly when in Leamington and whilst in the company of a spa, remember that these folk are essentially trained professionals and their job is to be p[art and parcel of the holistic healing that you body needs to function efficiently.  Respect their professional input, respect their directions, and what not.

Lastly when you are in such company do not let one beauty turn your mind into putty, basically keep your wits about you. Ensure that you respect yourself, ensure that your respect your fellow clients, and ensure that you respect you companion. Do not turn whatever arrangement that you have into a steamy session of your sexual escapades that immediately makes those around you rather uncomfortable.

If you observe the following ground rules you will be on way to enjoying the services of a Leamington spa escort that is accompanying you on you visit to the spa, all the best.


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